2016 Summit — Urban Agriculture: New Partnerships, New Voices

Urban Agriculture: New Partnerships, New Voices

Several panelists gathered at Planet Forward’s 2016 Summit to discuss urban agriculture. Che Axum, the director of the Center for Urban Agriculture & Gardening Education at University of the District of Columbia, said we will need combination of food growing in urban and rural areas to meet food demands. He then mentioned carbon intensive farming, which would allow for more food to grow in less space.

“We need to raise (food) productivity while reducing waste,” said Enock Chikava, a senior program officer for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Chris Policinski, the president and CEO, Land O’Lakes, Inc., said that in the U.S., we need to double the amount of food we produce, create better markets and control portion size. This will require the involvement of both small and large farmers.

“Large farmers tend to be more tech driven,” he said. “We need to flip it so that small farmers are the incubators of innovation.”

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