2016 Summit — Planet Forward Storyfest 2016

Planet Forward Storyfest 2016

Planet Forward asked student storytellers to answer the question: What innovation do you think will help cities develop sustainably? Their answers are our Storyfest 2016 submissions.

Our panelists — Christian Amolsch with Gensler, David Enders, an international journalist, and Dr. Imani M. Cheers, a George Washington University assistant professor of media and public affairs — reviewed some of the finalists and, finally, our winners were revealed!

Grand Prize Winners:

Blooming Biosolids - Jesse Gurney, The George Washington University

Smart Floating Farms - Javier F. Ponce, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia​

Fighting Food Waste: The Food Recovery Network - Kira Sommer and Sara Merken, The George Washington University

Honorable Mentions:

VertiKale - Hannah Abell and Oswin Chackochan, Purdue University

Saving Our Farms, Saving Our Families - Andre Carter and R'Myni Watson, Tougaloo College-Jackson State University

Rooftop Roots: Helping a Community Grow through its Garden - Ilana Creinin, Danielle Baglivo and Sophie Martin, The George Washington University

Our Fan Favorite social media contest winner:

Composting: An Urban Option - Sophie Kaplan, The George Washington University

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