2016 Summit — Mobility: How Will We Get Around Our Future Cities?

Mobility: How Will We Get Around Our Future Cities?

Several panelists gathered at Planet Forward’s 2016 Summit to discuss transportation in future cities. One of the panelists, Tommy Battle, the mayor of Huntsville, Alabama, mentioned that there are new players in transportation, such as Uber and Lyft, that may cause people to not own cars in the future. Colin Tooze, the director of public policy for Uber Technologies, said that technology and innovation can help move people around more efficiently and get people in fewer cars. He gave the example of UberPool, a carpool system Uber has created which has helped reduce 90 million miles of passenger miles and lots of greenhouse gas reductions.

When it comes to improving transportation, Megan Smith, the director of Climate and Energy Initiatives, said it is important to have shared goals.

“The transportation grid we build today is our quality of life tomorrow,” Smith said. “We have to look at the quality of life we want when we plan for mobility."

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