Traffic congestion and air pollution and the rise of asthma in children

Traffic congestion and air pollution

On my way to the George Washington University's Mount Vernon campus, I noticed and was amazed by the 8 a.m. traffic commute into the city. The abundance of cars running, all the while moving at a slow pace. This led me to my topic of urban cities and the issues that arise, such as traffic congestion and the rise of air pollution.

Carbon dioxide is a major component of greenhouse gases and to the growing air pollution in the atmosphere. Furthermore, I wanted to research on how the air pollution in cities is affecting the people living in them, especially those exposed and suffering from it. Asthma was one of the biggest growing health diseases found among children living in cities.

I think the quickest solutions that we can make right now is to advocate and give voice to local organizations that are taking steps to mitigate, like the Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association (MARAMA). Education is another solution that will be the effective for future generations to know about climate change and measures of prevention. Promoting ideas and creative methods to live sustainably like ridesharing, public transportation, walking and biking are just a few ways to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.  

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