Illegal mining pollutes rivers, threatens lives in Ghana

Ghana has been unsuccessfully battling with illegal gold miners for years. But the situation has escalated and we are seeing the biggest negative impact yet. Majority of the major rivers and water bodies below the Northern Region of the country have all been polluted. Hitherto, they were clean water majority of the communities along the water bodies used for their domestic chores but now they can't. They've all turned into brown or muddy colored water. Some of the water treatment plants that take up the water to treat and distribute have shut down because the waters have become too turbid and untreatable. Thousands of Chinese nationals are known to be heavily involved in this illegal activities. Apart from the water, they are buying out cocoa farm lands for huge sums of money from farmers who hitherto, would produce to add up to the cocoa stock the country exports as our major export crop. 

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