Food Loss Where We Can Least Afford It

Food Loss Where We Can Least Afford It

PF_Storyfest_Badge_V4_03-15-16_ALsmall-03.pngOne third of our food is lost from farm to table in developing countries.

Can you believe that about one in nine people are starving, according to the World Food Programme?

Food loss due to poor infrastructure in developing countries is the primary cause of hunger and malnutrition. The food is produced on the farms but it can’t be efficiently transported without it spoiling. Farm to fork: an issue growing as people move from the suburbs to cities. We need to pay attention to developing countries food loss because studies show it will start to affect our country, specifically big cities.

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) information showed the stages of food loss and where they are occurring in throughout the farm to fork process. We found that a majority of food loss is traced back to poor infrastructure to transport and keep the products from becoming spoiled. We noticed a trend in the managerial techniques on the farms: no collaboration between farms about product production or education about ways to cut back on food loss. It became clear that post harvest loss is one of the primary causes of food loss.

— Graphic by Emily Priborkin and Samantha Sorbaro

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