The elephant in the room: D.C.'s thriving ivory market

In 2019, a Humane Society investigator claimed Georgetown’s L’Enfant Gallery displayed the “most elaborate and expensive” ivory pieces he had seen in years of investigating ivory sales across the country. This investigation came after a 2017 report by the wildlife trade monitoring organization TRAFFIC that found more ivory for sale in D.C. than in any of the other five major U.S. cities examined.

DC councilmember Mary Cheh has proposed The Elephant Ivory and Rhinoceros Horn Trafficking Prohibition Act in the district three times, most recently in January 2019. However, the motion has yet to be passed. I spoke with the Animal Welfare Institute’s senior policy advisor Kate Dylewsky and DC Voters for Animals founder Max Broad to discuss their support of the bill and the importance of the ivory ban.

Music: Liberation by Asher Fulero.

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