Social change against climate change: Julia Selker on the value of climate activism

While visitors from around the world explore the National Mall in Washington, D.C., Citizens' Climate Lobby volunteer Julia Selker can be found canvassing for climate action. The 26-year-old recently moved to D.C. in hopes of putting her background in science to use as an advocate for sustainable changes to energy policy. Shortly after getting involved with Citizens' Climate Lobby, Selker proposed they host a Climate Action Open House to bring together climate activists from different organizations and those interested in learning more about climate advocacy. Selker brought the idea to life at Hole in the Sky, an art dive in northeast D.C., with climate change themed cocktails, an ample assortment of plant-based food, and stations to inform attendees on everything from the importance of a carbon tax to the best skills for effective social media advocacy.

Selker discusses the Citizens' Climate Lobby's support of the Carbon Fee and Dividend Act, the intersections of art and advocacy, and how she's seen the effects of climate change in her own life.

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