Introducing our 2022-2023 Planet Forward Correspondents

(photo by Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau/Unsplash)

We are excited to announce this year’s roster of students from across the country who will create a range of articles, audio projects, and videos exploring many of the most important environmental issues facing the planet today. We look forward to sharing stories from this team about water systems, renewable energy, wildlife conservation, urban sustainability, and much more!

Each year, Planet Forward Correspondents go through an extremely competitive application process and this year we certainly had many more amazing candidates than we could accommodate. This year's team comes from 12 different universities, with diverse backgrounds and experience. The cohort you’ll meet here are some of the brightest and most inspiring young environmental communicators and we can’t wait for you to see, hear, and read their work.

Learn more below and follow the link at the bottom to read some of their past work.

Our 2022-2023 Senior Correspondents:

  • Halley Hughes, University of Arizona

  • Carter Weinhofer, Eckerd College

Our 2022-2023 Correspondents:

  • Chris Zatarain, University of Arizona

  • Eric Forbes, Colorado State University

  • Adriana Martinez-Smiley, Northwestern University

  • Hannah Krantz, George Washington University

  • Dori Reese, Tuskegee University

  • Josh Rosenstein, Middlebury College

  • Julia Paige-Carter, Arizona State University

  • Katie Perkins, Texas Tech University

  • Owen Volk, SUNY-ESF

  • Sachi Mulkey, University of California-Berkeley

  • Vidya Muthupillai, George Washington University

  • Tiya Cantrell, Tuskegee University


You can follow their work on the Correspondent story hub. Look for stories to begin publishing soon, and see some of our senior Correspondents’ work from last year.

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