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Congratulations on your new web platform, and we fans of Planet Forward are happy to learn that there will be more episodes of your excellent television program. I don't work in the energy field, but I want to participate in designing a new US... Read More
In Fu Yunwei and Guo Xinyu opinion piece, "Critics fume in luxury as granny burns coal", they argue that those in developed countries have "failed to take into account developing countries' right of development." Those who were sitting in the... Read More
A call for individual action to aid the world water crises; rampant consumption and overuse, pollution, and capitalization and privatization of the earths' l...
For too long powerful special interests have perceived some amazing technologies as threats to their dominion over the masses with old paradigm energy production methods - oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear. These technologies have the ability to... Read More
Planet Forward
By Victoria Riess, Haley Lesavoy, and Mark Abramson. A short video documentary highlighting education provided by nonprofit Casey Trees at the elementary level and the impact it has on our environment's future. Casey Trees was established to... Read More
Do everyday choices to reduce our carbon footprint make a real difference for the climate? Sure, when we add them all up, but most of us still want to know, “What’s in it for me?” A company called Earth Aid has a unique answer to this question: Give... Read More
Oil and gas may dominate popular conceptions of Texas, but a small town called Rosco is blowing through those stereotypes. Watch
The residents of Meigs County, Ohio, live beneath the towering smokestacks of four coal-fired power plants. Elisa Young worries about the health effects of the plants, but others in her community are eager for the jobs a new plant could bring. Video... Read More
Evangelical pastor Ken Wilson’s environmental conversion began two years ago with goose bumps, watery eyes and an appeal for help.


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