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A Proposal to Convert Air Transport to Clean Hydrogen (CATCH) Air transport produces twelve percent of all transportation greenhouse gas and disproportionately accounts for 4-9% of human climate change impact. These percentages are growing, and... Read More
Cross-posted from by Jeffrey M. Jones PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans are less worried about each of eight specific environmental problems than they were a year ago, and on all but global warming and maintenance of the nation's fresh water... Read More
NET, Nebraska's PBS & NPR stations
If Jack Bauer started an NGO devoted to climate change, it would probably be called the Carbon War Room (CWR). The organization (mentioned by CWR member Jack Hidary in his Planet Forward interview) takes an unusually hawkish approach to the... Read More
* All Videos * My Videos * My Favorites * Add Videos This video is awaiting approval. Ryder Haske Making Energy out of Garbage * Added by Ryder Haske on March 5, 2010 at 6:43pm * View Videos Covanta Energy is a multi-national waste-to-energy company... Read More
For 10 years, the Ski Area Citizens Coalition has published its ski area environmental report card, a rating system that grades ski resorts across the west according to their impact on the natural environment.
Researcher Aly Courtemanch starts her work day on skis. That’s how she gets around on the alpine terrain where she studies the Teton Range bighorn sheep herd. Using GPS devices and trail counters, Courtemanch a scientist a the Cooperative Fish... Read More
Yellowstone National Park has been described as a winter wonderland. “We find that a lot of people from across the United States enjoy going into the park on snowmobiles, because ... you're out in the fresh air,” said Bill Howell, part owner of a... Read More
Last year the only known wild jaguar in the United States was captured in a trap and euthanized by Arizona Wildlife authorities. The death of this big cat, called Macho-B, triggered a federal investigation that found violations of the procedures... Read More
Annie Leonard, the host of "The Story of Stuff" just completed a video to educate people in a VERY ENTERTAINING WAY about Cap & Trade, and the possibilities therein. It's a really fast paced, educational video that I think everyone would really... Read More
In an effort to reduce the harmful emissions and wasted fuel from idling trucks and buses, Clean Air Council has developed an innovative new tool – IdleFreePhilly - that allows Philadelphians to report when and where they witness illegal idling. By... Read More


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