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JoRee LaFrance and Alexander Cotnoir, making the Indigenous Correspondents Program announcement at the 2022 Planet Forward Summit in April, on stage with Frank Sesno. (

Planet Forward
Planet Forward’s Senior Editor and Education Lead Lisa Palmer talks to Alexander Cotnoir and JoRee LaFrance about the Indigenous Correspondents Program and the future they envision for the program.

(From left to right) Eva Kotobuki Sideris, Frank Sesno, Hannah Krantz, Adam Goldberg, Vidya Muthupillai, and Dr. Imani Cheers.

Founding Director, Planet Forward
A select group of students from several universities recently traveled to McGinley Ranch in Nebraska to study and report on regenerative agriculture, land management practices, and sustainable bison ranching.
A person holds a clam up to the camera with the ocean tide in the background.


University of Florida
Meet clammers, scientists and volunteers, like TV star Blair Wiggins and three generations of women, who are returning clams to Florida's Indian River Lagoon and other ailing waters to reduce pollution.

(Alan Vernon/flickr)

Planet Forward Correspondent | Ithaca College
HappyWhale, a website created in 2015, uses a unique algorithm to identify and track humpback whales. It relies on photographs from ordinary people to further scientific research.
A wave breaks on a dark blue ocean, unleashing a cascade of white foam.

(Ivan Bandura/Unsplash)

Georgetown University
Traditional Indigenous mariculture practices are easier on the environment and sustainably produce delicious seafood.
Labor activists join environmentalists wearing turtle costumes at the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, Washington.

Labor activists join environmentalists wearing turtle costumes at the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, Washington. (Courtesy of the Seattle Municipal Archives, Item 175623)

Georgetown University
I interview labor and environmental activist Joe Uehlein about the historic intersections between those two activist movements and how he tells those stories in his music.
The author stands next to a statue of Nelson Mandela in front of a large, tan building. Both Beverly and Mandela hold up a raised fist.

(Lisa Palmer/

Mandela Washington Fellow
Ten weeks of this past summer have made the most defining moments of my career, my personal and my professional development in journalism. I have been in the United States of America enriching and being enriched by local U.S. communities, honing... Read More

(photo by Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau/Unsplash)

Multimedia Editor, Planet Forward
This year's team hails from 12 different universities from across the country. Click through to learn more about the exceptional students selected for our 22-23 cohort.  
A small white boat rests buoyed on clear, blue-green waters under a cloudy blue sky with a gentle mountain in the distance.

The shores of Pointe d'Esny, Mauritus, as seen from Île aux Aigrettes, one of the most prominent reserves in the Indian Ocean, on July 21, 2022. Almost two years prior, this water was blackened by an oil spill from the MV Wakashio. (Zoey England/University of Connecticut)

University of Connecticut
This July marks two years since the MV Wakashio oil spill. Though environmental NGOs have left the island and news coverage of the disaster has ceased, youth around Mauritius are still reeling from the effects of the tragedy.
Yellow leaves of kelp swaying in a blue ocean.

(Oleksandr Sushko/Unsplash)

Georgetown University
How making kelp commonplace in our diets and adapting harvested biomass into various materials will help both humans and the planet.


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