COP26 in Context: Empowering youth leadership; exploring water and coastal issues

A giant mural featuring the climate activist Greta Thunberg was in Bristol, England, created by local street artist Jody in 2019. As of July 2021 the mural was painted over and is no longer visible. (Duncan Cumming/Flickr/Creative Commons 2.0)

It’s the sixth day of COP26, and today the conference is focusing on youth empowerment, and water, oceans and coastal zones. These articles present the activists and mitigation projects of the future that bring contagious hope for solving the climate crisis.

  • Meet 9 young climate activists of color. Many important activists’ names don’t reach mainstream media. Take the time to learn about a 15-year-old chief water commissioner for the Anishinabek Nation, a 19-year-old co-founder of a volunteer climate organization and others!

  • Gender equality, climate justice and education go hand in hand. (Article also available in Spanish. / Artículo disponible en Español.) A young Chilean activist reflects on the intersection between climate change, gender equality and education and calls for the climate crisis to be viewed from a feminist perspective. Did you know that giving women access to education and family planning directly correlates with decreased carbon emissions?

  • The Ocean Cleanup successfully collects ocean plastics. A Dutch non-profit called The Ocean Cleanup has successfully developed a device that can capture and collect ocean plastic. See videos of how it works.

Check back tomorrow for more info on what is being explored at COP26 — and good reads to keep you informed!

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