XL Hybrids Hybrid Electric Powertrain Conversion for Commercial Fleet Vehicles

XL Hybrids designs, manufactures and installs low-cost, hybrid electric powertrains for commercial vans and trucks. The company’s patent-pending hybrid electric powertrain can be installed on existing vehicles or as an upfit on new ones. The XL3 third generation powertrain can save businesses up to $25,000 in fuel and maintenance costs over the life of the vehicle. The hybrid powertrain only takes 6 hours to install and does not significantly modify the OEM engine and transmission.

By storing energy wasted in braking and reapplying it during acceleration, XL Hybrids technology decreases fuel use and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 21.2 percent on urban and suburban routes, while operating with the same durability and reliability as traditional vans and trucks.  XL Hybrids was founded by MIT alumni and is based in Boston. For more information, visit www.xlhybrids.com. Follow us on twitter @XLHybrids.

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