Where does it go? Composting at GWU

What happened to that apple core you ate for lunch? Where did that banana peel go? In essence, where does all the food waste that we throw in the trash and discard really end up and how can we ensure that it will not go to waste?

In February 2018, the George Washington University’s Office of Sustainability and Campaign GW embarked upon a new, risk-taking endeavor to expand access to composting and sustainable food waste across its Foggy Bottom campus. What emerged was the first university-sponsored composting initiative to date, bringing together nearly a hundred students and volunteers and highlighting the essential need for responsible and environmentally-conscious food waste collection. The compost that is collected in Kogan Plaza is then taken to the Prince George’s County Organics Compost Facility where it undergoes large scale treatment and processing in order to ultimately produce compost that is then shipped all across the state of Maryland and beyond. 

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