What the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program is doing to stop invasive species

The biodiversity of our environment is under threat by invasive species. What are invasive species? Invasive species are non-native plants that inhabit an area and then subsequently cause harm to the other species in the environments, as well as the environment itself. A local region that is under threat by invasive species is the Adirondack Park.

The Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program or APIPP has been making strides with combating this threat and has implemented some management practices that I feel would be beneficial if implemented in other parts of the country. Their use of spatial technology to help map out areas currently infested with invasive species makes it easier for them to coordinate on how to eradicate  infestations of invasive species. They offer this interactive map on their website and an area where people can report infestations of invasive species in the Adirondack Park region. The use of spatial technology to combat invasive species is a cost effective method to map and eradicate populations of invasive species.

Besides just the use of spatial technology to combat invasive species, the APIPP are also using public outreach and education as a method to manage invasive species. They offer day long trainings to teach the public on the threat of invasive species and how to identify invasive species in terrestrial and aquatic environments. Best management practices are also taught to the public at these trainings to teach the public what they should do if they do encounter a population of invasive species. By educating the public and teaching them how to identify and manage invasive species we can prevent invasive species populations from becoming wide-spread and becoming a greater threat on the biodiversity of our environment.

I created this podcast to highlight the efforts of a leading program in the field of managing invasive species, and to possibly inform people on what they could do to help stop invasive species. Get involved and look what programs are offered in your local area and see how you can help stop invasive species.

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