We may have forgotten, but animals are still going extinct

Forgotten animals are still disappearing

Forgotten animals are still disappearing. (Luca Silveira/GWU)

Over the years, I have realized that certain environmental issues draw more attention to young children than anyone else. The state of endangered species is one of those issues. When I was younger, my friends and I were fascinated by animals and shattered by the idea that some were going extinct. That sentiment has lost strength and frequency as I've grown into young adulthood. This might be due to the plethora of other global issues splitting everyone's focus, or maybe it is because our calloused older minds tend to look past such distant issues. Regardless of the cause, I want people to remember their fantastical love for animals as children. There is an element of roughness and childlike scribbles to this info graphic, hopefully that will help people read the heartbreaking data with the mentality of a compassionate and yet-to-be-desensitized child.

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