Water, Water Everywhere. Or Is It?

Water: It’s everywhere…or is it? From the clothes we wear, to the energy we use, to the goods and services we consume daily, water is the hidden resource we constantly depend on to maintain and enhance our lives. We are currently consuming too much water, too quickly for this natural resource to continue to adequately supply our needs. Americans use more than 400 billion gallons of water in a single day, that’s more than our total oil consumption in a year. We need to introduce new ideas and technological innovations to teach the next generation how to curb and better manage our water consumption. We need to move beyond conserving and start reusing our water. Think about it, “Is the storm water, rainwater and sanitary water that leaves our homes, office buildings or campuses a waste or an untapped resource?”

The BlueHouse offers an innovative solution to reduce our water demand. The BlueHouse can intercept what is today considered a waste and use what tomorrow will be considered a valuable resource. The BlueHouse treats water through a natural process for onsite reuse in boilers and cooling towers, machining and industrial processes, irrigation and even toilet flushing. Treating and reusing water with a system that is co-located on-site, significantly reduces the amount of time and cost compared to adding massive infrastructure to existing municipal systems to complete the same function. The BlueHouse’s innovative design features an odorless, lush, greenhouse that uses the world’s first systematic application of reactor-based, complex adaptive ecosystems. This breakthrough technology has enabled Sustainable Water to change the look and feel of water treatment and reuse altogether. Our patented design allows for turn-key installations in less than 4 months, allowing for the rapid realization of the benefits of reclamation and reuse. As an aesthetically-pleasing greenhouse the BlueHouse can be sited in nearly any environment: urban or rural without adding any modification to the current plumbing and storm water infrastructure.

While, the BlueHouse was initially designed for municipal and industrial applications, our modular design can also be universally applied at nearly any college or university, airport, resort, military base or any place where large volumes of water can be safely and reliably reclaimed and reused. The applicability options of our facility are virtually endless, allowing for you to continue living your life the way you have been, while reducing your water footprint. By reusing water, you will lower your water intake and output, reduce your overall water costs, lower the stress on our current water infrastructure and minimize the amount of harmful discharge the may be re-entering our environment.

Population growth and climate change are altering the planet at a faster rate than expected. Water is the most important substance for life, so it is imperative that we begin taking action. The BlueHouse is not a lifestyle change, but it is a change in how we use water. By taking the demand off of potable water supplies, we can create a reliable resource; minimize our stress on the natural environment and lower costs at the same time.

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