Waste not, Want not! Reuse, reuse again and recycle to infinity!

We create waste that can be reused to create the energy, products and foodstuffs we consume. We can divert our entire waste stream to create jobs, energy(heat and/or electricity) and food for ourselves at the municipal level or microscale these same technologies to the family level. Our food can be grown locally with the waste products composted or used as food for other food sources, Example: feed soldier fly larvie to feed aquaponic fish. The composting creates soil, vermiculture aids in the composting and fertilization of soils and quality of local foods.

The off gases from the sanitation of our wastewater can generate electricity and the sludge further composted or converted via microbes to enhance other components of the system. Forests have regenerated themselves forever, why shouldn't we? I am creating a small food and water generating system that can be dropped in the middle of a desert or buried underground that will create a closed loop regenerative waste to life system capable of sustaining life for humans where it would otherwise be impossible. The balance is the key to a truly sustainable, energy independent life that reduces carbon footprints and with the exception of taxes result in freedom from tyranny, foriegn oil or utility grid dependence.

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