PF_Storyfest_Badge_FINALIST.pngThe world is facing a growing crisis. The global population continues to increase and we need to find a way to feed them. One solution to our food insecurity crisis is hydroponics. VertiKale hopes to use hydroponics with in food deserts to produce and sell food from the same location. is grown. By doing this transportation of food can be eliminated, making produce more affordable to the consumer. Hydroponic systems in buildings can be run all year round creating a continuous and consistent supply of food. By setting up facilities, like VertiKale, the food desert community will have increased access to fresh, affordable produce, thus eliminating the food desert. With each additional VertiKale, food security will be positively impacted. Land that was never arable before can now be arable with hydroponic technology. This is how the future 9.6 billion people can be fed.

— Oswin Chackochan and Hannah Abell

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