Use Volcanic Rock Powder to Remineralize the Soil

This is idea if shared can make us all the hero/heroine for the world. The foundation from the ground up. 80% diversity occurs under ground.

Every glacial period huge glaciers grind rock to a powder leaving thousands of pounds to enrich the soils. High winds blow it around the earth. When a volcano erupts it deposits tons of basalt rock powder on the soil making the area around volcanos very fertile.

Biomimicry= Utilize current aggregate practices, regional distribution, and transportation routes to bring fertility enhancing product to where our food is grown, and where we live. The vibration is higher, quantum leap in soil fertility.

To do this economically it is best to use the most potent rock dust, Basalt rock especially out of Nevada.
A company By the name of Saumma Minerals has been in the rock dust business for 30 years, researching finding the most theoretically rich deposits of rock to crush into powder. They have Academic Acceptence = their particular rock dust tested by the USDA chief feild researcher Jim Porterfeild + UC Davis proffessors, and others, "It works". Commercial acceptence = Cal Organics Largest grower of orgainc produce orders 90 truck loads at a time. Economic acceptence = price is affordable to the average farmer. running their company out of pocket, to get ahead a large financial boost is vital to bring this solution to our nation as the foundation for food security. Plants grown in remineralized soil have a better genetic expression, taste better. By feeding the microbes we initially feed ourselves by increasing yield. Bacteria sequester Co2 from the atmosphere very efficiently boosting fertility to increase plant Co2 sequesteration

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