Use swarm logic to manage the diversity of loads in a building, thereby smoothing demand and reducing peaks

Bees function with precious little information exchanged between each other, and very small "instruction sets" encoded in their brains -- no master bee shouts out orders in a command & control fashion, yet the hive thrives even as bees come and go, or the weather changes, and thanks to decentralized, autonomous, independent decision-making by each bee, known as swarm logic.

REGEN has encapsulated this style of control methodology so that electrical loads can now operate as a group, automatically smoothing out demand without sacrificing comfort, all by listening to each other and making independent, autonomous decisions without the need for a complex, static, command & control system (

This methodology is also ideally suited for managing the demand of a fleet of electric vehicles, whether charging at one location or across a utility's entire service territory (

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