Use magnets in roadways and pick-up coils in cars to help recharge batteries in hybrids and plug-ins.

Magnetic bars across roadways and pick-up coils in bottoms of cars. Coils of wire cutting magnetic lines of force generates electricity to recharge battery packs. No need to stop at recharging stations. Charge while you drive. Magnets can be installed during normal roadway repairs. At first, best for hybrids because they can run on unmagnetized roads. Should be possible to upgrade existing hybrids and plug-ins to make use of this rolling-recharge system. Probably best on freeways to start. No doubt there will be technical problems to overcome (aren't there always?), but it seems to be as viable an idea as setting up recharging stations all over and converting vehicles to plug-ins. I would very much appreciate any feedback on this.

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