UnBearably hungry: The fight to end food waste

UnBearably Hungry

Last Call founders Chloe King and Erin McGeoy experienced first-hand the steep food prices of the Foggy Bottom area as students at George Washington University. While dining halls are the largest culprits of food waste at most university campuses, at GWU the students have no dining halls and instead eat at a variety of fast-casual restaurants. Chloe and Erin took it upon themselves to find a solution both to high prices and the rising problem of food waste from these local restaurants, so they started Last Call. The idea is simple and effective; what if restaurants could sell the food they will have to throw out at the end of the day for a discounted price to students and other community members who want a good meal for less? They created a platform that would notify customers when a restaurant needed to sell more of a certain food, and then subscribers can place an online order and pick up their food within a set timeframe, all for 50-80% of normal prices! Their restaurant partners are constantly growing and the number of subscribers they have is on the rise every day. Chloe and Erin are making a real impact on their community, but they are also part of a bigger movement to fight against both hunger and climate change, all with one simple idea about bringing people together. 

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