Uhaul App for Sharing Within Cities

There are many apps in the market for ride-sharing (car pool, van pool, etc). The availability of such apps have enabled commuters to coordinate their trips, saving money, reducing traffic on roads and ultimately making a positive impact on the environment. The idea Ume Haul is a further extension of the concept and is dedicated for buyers/sellers to share a Uhaul truck to transport their purchases.

Many people buy furniture (sofas, tables, beds, etc) locally on sites like Craiglist. They need trucks like "Uhaul" to transport their purchased items to their home. Typically, they need a truck for just a couple of hours to haul. But they need to rent a truck for the whole day which typically costs about $30. This adds additional cost to their purchase and is a well appreciated limiting factor by both buyers and sellers. More often than not this limitation negatively impacts such transactions.

The app enables people to connect and coordinate with other people who are interested in renting a Uhaul. The app enables people to calculate the available space based on the stuff each one needs. Based on the space needed for the Ume Haul consumers, the app will suggest a suitable truck. Ume Haul enables consumers to connect with Uhaul me service provider to rent the truck. Finally, the app calculates payment to be made by each person.

Ume Haul availability encourages more sellers and buyers leading to more transactions resulting in more resuse of materials. This will have a great green impact. Coordinated Uhaul transport will also have a measurable positive economic and environmental impact.

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