Turning Tires into Turbines

Here are my thoughts. Those huge windmills use wind to create energy. A typical car has shafts or axles connected to the wheels and when the wheels turn, the car moves. Now, what if we use the windmill concept on a miniature scale to create a self-energized vehicle. First windmill type turbines are constructed 3 to 4 or 5 feet long. The amount of this type of turbine used would depend on the size of the vehicle. The axle or shaft on the vehicle are modified by adding a gear or a bearing next to the tires to turn the turbine as the car moves by the use of a belt or series of gears,. The spinning of the wheels/axles functions as the blades of a windmill. The turbines are placed underneath the vehicle (across or along the vehicle) in a way that the energy created is tapped and transmitted to the cell or electric engine. As the wheels turn, energy is created and by the use of regulators, it can be stabilized. Since there is constant energy created there is no need for huge batteries. There could be another way to do this by using energy provided by the battery to help turn the shafts.

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