Turbine Power at Piston Prices-RT an integrated combined Cycle engine with up to 75% efficiency for power generation, energy storage (wind/solar) & cogeneration.

"Environmentally friendly Solutions need to become more affordable compared to polluting ones".

In plain terms, the Reinhardt Turbine an innovative development, focusing on clean energy generation and its storage, that can be produced and maintained at low cost while being flexible in size, weight, power output with various uses and applications running on several combustibles. All of which, make it an environmentally friendly alternative, due to the high power output and highly reducible contamination which is caused by reducing the fuel consumption dramatically. The RT provides clean energy when and where it is needed and is poised to offering fuel efficiencies up to 75%. (www.vv-tec.com)

Due to the fact that the Reinhardt Turbine operates on modular Piston technology, it can generate the power of a Turbine at prices comparable to piston engines, which lie at approx. 20-100USD/kW for piston engines compared to 700-1,500USD/kW for Turbines.

The RT generates energy when and where it is needed; within transportation such as, cars and trucks, but also on a home-based-level, in rural areas, where access to infrastructure is scarce or non-existent cities, industries and villages can also implement the Reinhardt Turbine. In Hybrid cars the fuel efficiency can reach

The RT delivers CLEAN and AFFORDABLE ENERGY when and where it is needed! within transportation such as, cars and trucks, but also on a home-based-level, in rural areas, where access to infrastructure is scarce or non-existent cities, industries and villages can also implement the RT. In Hybrid cars the fuel efficiency can reachup to 110 mpg. (Equivalent to 2liters/100km).

The RT technology adapts the closed chamber piston-combustion approach to take advantage of waste thermal energy produced by the internal combustion process. Rather than to discard the heat of combustion, as is done by conventional internal combustion engines, the RT uses the waste thermal energy to drive integrated steam pistons for additional power generation.

It is no secret, that energy demand will increase over time, for which reason we need to make the best possible use of the fossil fuels remaining at operating at highest possible efficiencies but also ensure energy storage-systems for the renewable energy generation so that we are not dependent on the current situation where wind and sun are not generating energy.

Today 800 Million cars are on the road. With an estimated increase to 1,600 Million by 2035, it is still uncertain under what conditions, efficiencies and power sources these cars will be operating.

Power Generation:
With todays approx. 1 million power plants energy users will be paying more for their average kWh, as they are fossil fuel based. Since power generation is going to double over the next decade no matter if fossil fuel based, alternative power sources or through the combining of energy systems, it has to be ensured, that this generation is stable and efficient to secure the future energy prices to be affordable to everyone.

The global amount of produced energy being stored today is negligible. However, until 2035 50% of the energy generation will come from renewable energies such as wind and solar. To make maximal use of the generated energy, it must be stored, enabling secured access to energy when and where it is needed.

In the past, personal energy was only available in masses in form of local household heating systems. However, any household and building has the infrastructure already in place to generate on site electric and heat energy from a single source for personal and distributive use operating as a local energy network.

With this Technology we do not only want to ensure affordable energy for everyone, but also make a significant difference within the burning-process of fossil fuels and environmental contamination by simply increasing the thermal efficiency of combustion systems significantly. Please view more information at www.vv-tec.com and view our prototype machines at http://www.youtube.com/user/pistonturbine


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