Towards a Zero Waste Society

The fact that the world has been dependent on oil for energy in the past years has created various environmental problems worldwide particularly the increased of carbon emissions. To help in solving these environmental concerns, Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation (SBSC) strategy is to "de-carbonize" the electric power generation industry by shifting to non-fossil fuel-based energy sources, specifically waste-to-energy. This follows the American Energy Policy Act of 2005 which confirmed energy-from-waste is renewable, and the Philippine Renewable Energy Law (RA 9513) of the Philippines.
SBSC always envisions a Zero Waste society wherein the preservation of our environment always comes first. The company believes with the full potential of the biosphere process or biosphere technology to be a valuable element in reducing the environmental impact worldwide while making true changes in energy. This technology is a gasification process invented and developed by Dr. Christopher McCormack, the CEO of Global Environmental Energy Corporation (GEECF). Biosphere Process uses traditional and non-traditional waste materials instead of natural reserves to produce clean green energy and a single biosphere facility can recycle up to 720 tons of garbage and destroy up to 172 tons of non-recyclable garbage per day. Unlike other standard gasification processes biosphere process, operates on a Zero Waste Philosophy wherein it recycles all feedstocks back into nature or the marketplace in a way that protects both public health and our environment. It also limits atmospheric emissions since it destroys wastes in a limited-oxygen environment.
Furthermore, aside from the environmental benefits biosphere process also offers a great investment opportunity. In the entire biosphere process it’s not only electricity that can be generated but also other by-products such as gallons of distilled water, Pozzolanic ash, fertilizers/composts, high alloy steel wire and carbon black. The Biosphere can produce $85,000,000/year with an overhead of $250,000 excluding a workforce of 25 people, and this profit estimation is increasing with every new innovation. SBSC is now continuously promoting this technology worldwide to help in mitigating environmental problems. It is part of their campaign towards a zero waste society.
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