Tomorrow's Solar Communities, Today

Environmental Prototype Homes Of Tommorrow (EPHOT Inc)a 501c non-profit will buy, rehab, retrofit with co-generating solar systems, on-demand hot water and radiant barrier insulation Foreclosed and Bank owned Properties; then will either hold and rent for 5 yrs depending on demographic or sell the properties back to the general public using the FHA 203k loans(1978 Carter Administration), which gives the buyer the funds to acquire, renovate, and add solar co-generation equipment to the depressed property.

These foreclosed Properties that are not only a blight on the communities they are in but a consistant reminder of the economic times we live in. By renovating them and reducing their carbon footprint; we are vertually killing to birds with same stone...Providing a renovated home that is helping the locale community turn around while costing less to live in 50 to 75% depending on personal conservation efforts of dwellwers.

By investing in Real Estate this initiative will always hold more Value on paper than any other Value Added corporation from start-up. This being said we will always own properties worth as much as 50% of the actual Appraised Value. This will assure that we are in better cash position in case of more downturn in REIT’s.
Something stockholders as well as board members will appreciate.

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