To Reverse Global Warming

PF_Storyfest_Badge_FINALIST.pngI was fortunate to be selected to share my idea at One World UF with Challenge 2050 on February 19, 2016. The YouTube video above is my submission video for One World. My idea is to create a device that orbits our planet similar to a satellite with an extending filter just below the ozone layer where greenhouse gasses collect. This filter attracts specific green house gas particles like methane and carbon dioxide which would bind to the filter through a specific set net charge and then me transported up through the filter and released into space. The filter is sustainable because it would be self powered by solar or chemical energy and the filter is reusable. The goal of this invention would be to reduce the green house gas layer back to a normal healthy state that would promote optimal conditions for life on earth. This would be done setting a specific filter rate that allows things to gradually adapt back to a normal state. Through using this invention it would reduce the green house gasses there fore stopping global warming and ultimately saving our earth.

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