It's Time to Face Climate Change

This short video is the product of my internship working at the American Red Cross Headquarters. This year, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) committed to a decade-long strategy that places the detrimental impact of climate change at the forefront of their concerns. As an organization that strives to support all global citizens during natural disaster and crisis, climate change has entirely altered their work, forcing them to transform their practices to cope with new challenges. 

Therefore, I chose to underscore the inevitable effect of natural disasters on human life. For inspiration, I selected photos of individuals supported by the Red Cross who had been impacted by major environmental changes. I wanted viewers to pause and reflect on expressions of humanity, which is why their faces are a prominent component of my art. This short, shareable video asks viewers to slow down and pair facts with faces. Often, numbers alone cannot illustrate the immensity of losing a home and loved ones. Where the facts can outline a future of rising global temperatures, faces tell the full story. 



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Wildfires and Climate Change: The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions


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