Thrifting for the soul

The idea behind my Storyfest 2021 submission is the dichotomy between thrifting for environmental reasons, but also for personal betterment. Thrifting, to me, has been an amazing way to help relieve my anxieties and have fun. My video portrays the positive environmental elements to thrifting, but also the side of thrifting that makes people feel good inside. 

The video includes my experience with thrifting and what I have learned in college about the positive environmental impacts of thrifting. I explain specific facts about textiles and clothes ending up in landfills, creating excess waste on our earth. I also explain my personal relationship with thrifting and how it has helped with my anxiety and friendships. I show my friends in their favorite thrifted outfits and conclude by saying that thrifting is not only good for the environment, but great for the soul.

Music by Goosetaf - Bumblebee -

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