There’s an App for that: Can IT Save the Planet?

This is a full panel recording from the GW Moving the Planet Forward Conference. To see highlights from this panel, go here.

Moderator: Megan Hughes, Reporter, Bloomberg TV
Guests: Aneesh Chopra, Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer
Mayo Shattuck, Executive Chairman, Exelon
Alex Laskey, Co-Founder, Opower

Moderator Megan Hughes of Bloomberg TV led a discussion between Aneesh Chopra, Mayo Shattuck, Executive Chairman of Exelon Corporation, and Alex Laskey, the co-founder and president of Opower, a new engagement platform for utilities companies that sends customers information about their energy spending habits through text message, e-mail, snail mail, and even Facebook. Laskey compared a part of Opower’s services to that of a credit card company feature that is undoubtedly useful to its customers: activity alerts. Opower also uses behavioral analytics and data to inform customers of unusual usage, enabling them to use that awareness to save money on their utility statements and in turn help them to conserve energy. Chopra asserted that information technology will be the key to an energy efficient future, explaining that the intersection of liberated data and financial innovation will be a “big boon to sustainability.”

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