The Wildcat Hydrogen Booster

I would like to present an idea that I think would be of great interest to your viewers. It involves a technology that many people have heard exists, but never seems to make it to market: that of hydrogen supplementation to increase fuel mileage.

There is a company in Arkansas that is making a real go of it with this technology: Highline Technical Innovations. They have (with the help of a local university) come up with a system that is computer controlled to maintain the correct hydrogen input to the engine, thus producing repeatable, dependable results of up to 30% improvement in fuel mileage, 50% reduction in emissions, and 10% greater power and torque. It uses an onboard electrolysis hydrogen generator which runs at low amperages. They have recently applied for EPA certification, and it looks like they have received preliminary approval.

With rising fuel prices, this technology may be the key to maintaining community and individual budgets, and a great ecological boom to our environment!

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