The sinking school

This is the story of a school in the Prek Toal floating Village in Cambodia, where school is held inside a two room building, held afloat by barges. In this community, almost everyone lives on the water, with their transportation reliant on motorboats and rowboats. For the school children, each day they get into their boats and make their way over to the school for their classes, held in either the afternoon or the morning. Being on the water, it was only so long that the building could last before it started to erode. When I visited in 2015, half of one of the buildings had collapsed into the water, causing the children to have to cram into one room, making the job for the teachers all the more difficult. Organizations such as Rustic Pathways (with whom I was visiting), began to sponsor a cleanup program, with the funds raised going directly toward rebuilding the flooded area. 

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