The SEED (Sustainable Education Every Day) Project

What if every child had access to a sheltered, inspiring learning space? What if this learning space didn't harm the site on which it sits and could sustain itself by only the sunlight and water that fell on its roof. What if the space also educated its students about sustainable practices and doing what's right for our environment? And what if this was something that could be achieved right now, for a fraction of the cost of a typical classroom? This is what a SEED does.

A SEED is a modular classrom that meets all 20 Imperatives of the Living Building Challenge and is composed of 3 modules, with a core module that houses all of the systems and components the classroom needs to be self-sustaining. These modules can be shipped anywhere in the world. Once they arrive at their site, they are rooted in place and the SEED becomes immediately functional. In many cases, just the SEED core will travel to the site, and Sprout! Collective (the non-profit currently building the protoype SEED - will work with the community to design and build the outer modules of the SEED on site, out of local materials.

Every SEED comes with a SEED Packet - a curriculum package that allows the SEED to become a living laboratory for its students. Data collection and commissioning of its net zero water and energy systems and components are part of the children's daily studies, as is urban agriculture that is also an integral part of the learning space; materials research on healthy non-toxic products used to construct the classroom; and studies into the carbon footprints of buildings and where the SEED stacks up. All SEEDs will have the ability to connect with one another in our SEED-patch to share their lessons learned and the student's innovative lessons and ideas.

By providing a learning space that can be placed anywhere in the world and teach children about the importance of caring for and restoring our planet, we are creating a new normal for the next generation of leaders and doers. The environmental health and social well-being of our planet is in their hands. We know that once a SEED is planted, many amazing and inspiring things will sprout from within its walls. We can't wait to watch it happen.

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