The "Magneto" of Wind Energy

Ed Mazur of the Regenydyne corporation has designed a state-of-the-art wind turbine that will make wind generation a completely viable and preferred option. Our team at Regenydyne/Mag-Lev corporation consists of NASA Engineers and Sceintists and other designers that have committed their time, money and energy to create a one of a kind wind turbine that combines traditional German designed vertical wind technology, carbon fibers, aluminum and magnetic levitation technology to create the most dependable system on the market.

The Mag-Lev wind turbine can generate electricity from 5-120mph wind conditions and it doesn't require that constant repair that traditional system demand. The Mag-Lev wind turbine should be the only technology used in the wind energy business, it signifies the end of the short term generation facilities and brings to the table decades of electricity production from each unit. The Regenydyne wind turbines can be deployed on land or water and they generate many, many more megawatts per acre than any other facility on Planet Earth.

This system will change the status quo in the wind energy business! The Regenedyne's vertical axis design coupled with the use of the 5 axis magnetic levitation, carbon fiber and aluminum make it the most stable system in the market yet. This system will run for decades instead of years, it will produce consistent power and provide communities all over the world with a sound, viable alternative to the production of electricity.



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