The Backyard Project

Maybe the problem is that we never really look- we’ve been so conditioned to be numb to the world around us that it is hiding in plain sight- still existing, breathing, LIVING beyond our awareness.

The Backyard Project is about the greatest innovation anyone of us can make- ourselves and our perception. The root of the environmental crisis rests in every human being and our relationship with this planet- our home. How can we cultivate sustainable living on the large scale from the ground up, if so few individuals actually take the time to connect with the Earth? Sustainable living starts with the belief that the Earth deserves our respect, care, and love.

The Backyard Project is a method that combines the principles of mindfulness along with a commitment to take at least 5 minutes to be outside and experience the Earth. What results is an entirely unique experience for each individual who attempts this reflection, and prompts them to express their sensory experiences and insights through creative means- to create a story of their own. The art that results from these experiences has the potential to move people to reflect on their own relationships with the planet.  

This project harnesses the simple yet powerful idea of individual agency, and how people can be ripples that create a wave. In order to live sustainably with the earth, we must grow our roots together.

My submission includes my own artwork and story produced by applying these principles. See my full story here:

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