Tennessee's Mr. Photon Explains Solar Energy

With education at the forefront of the Living Light endeavor, a Solar Decathlon 2011 project from University of Tennessee, we want to provide ways to reach people of all ages and educate them about our home and sustainability. Enter Mr. Photon.
Mr. Photon is the mascot of the Living Light house whose mission is to educate elementary school children on sustainable practices through stop-motion animated videos. Though it is directed at the youngest of our population, it is cute and fun for people of all ages. A team of graphic designers at the University of Tennessee has been working to create these educational videos describing different aspects of the Living Light house and how it functions through the character Mr. Photon. The debut video, titled "Mr. Photon Explains Solar Energy," teaches us about solar power and how we are able to use the sun to capture energy to power our homes.

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