PF_Storyfest_Badge_V4_03-15-16_ALsmall-03.pngThis documentary highlights the alarming amount of hazardous waste sites that are littering the Greater Philadelphia area known as Superfund sites. These massive sites are riddled with toxic chemicals and pollution that can sit there for years while companies and the government battle over responsibility. While the companies and government face off in the courtroom, the environment and human health in the surrounding areas of the site severely suffer.

Featuring commentary from Dr. Barry Vacker, a Media Studies & Production professor; David Streetsmith, an environmental consultant; Dr. Kathi Knight, who specializes in environmental science; Dr. Laura Toran, a hydrogeologist; and Stephanie Branche, an environmental scientist for the EPA.

Produced, and directed by Dan Kurtz, Christina Betz, John Tarquinio, Jesse Roehrer
Edited by John Tarquinio, Christina Betz, Dan Kurtz, Jesse Roehrer

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