Students Need a Say

PF_Storyfest_Badge_V4_03-15-16_ALsmall-03.pngThis simple formula will require each student to submit a statement of purpose after the first semester at their university that demonstrates their passion and direction for a holistic education. This obviously includes their major and minors, but more importantly, it will include a prescriptive path for developing a deeper sense of who they are and how they can contribute to their chosen field. Now, this is not just about the students, this is a two-way street. Advisors will play an active role in this process and have the opportunity to truly advise. They will take into account the passion and desires of the student sitting in front of them and assist them in charting a path for their success and a well-rounded education. Together the two will approve the trajectory and meet at the conclusion of the student’s degree plan to evaluate the positives and negatives that transpired during their time at the university and more importantly, develop a plan for how to articulate that holistic educational experience to employers. This creates an opportunity for professional reference letters and a foundation for their success.

By redesigning our educational system, we can create opportunities for adaptive practice leading to more sustainable options. Essentially my plan calls for a revision of the current educational system to increase the collective direction of our courses and creating opportunities for students to become more well-rounded, engaged, and adept at addressing the challenges that our world faces. This is the foundation for sustainability.

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