Stopping food waste with surplus food

Two students create a platform to fight food waste.

Restaurants prepare such a large quantity of food that often they have no choice but to throw some of it away. Meanwhile, several Americans are in desperate need of food. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1 in 8 Americans dealt with food insecurity in 2017. Despite this statistic, Plos One found that Americans also waste 150,000 tons of food a day. When Erin McGeoy came to GW, she too faced difficulty affording food while also learning about food waste at the World Wildlife Fund. To combat both of these issues, she and her friend, Chloe King, started the online platform, 'Last Call'. The website allows restaurants to sell their surplus food at a discounted price, while users receive notifications when the partnered restaurants sell the food. McGeoy and King have officially launched the platform and are hoping for it to expand outside of the GW area. 

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