Should Activists Turn Rock Creek, Wyoming Into Federal Wilderness?

Every fall Bob Granstrom of Buffalo Mountain Outfitters leads elk hunters into Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains. Lately he’s been packing people into Rock Creek, not for hunting, but to show them why he thinks this 34,000-arcre area should be designated Wilderness, added to the adjacent Cloud Peak Wilderness.
Several local activists are working to raise support to protect Rock Creek. Though currently determined to have little commercial value for its natural resources, the area to some in the county commissioner’s office may have future potential for the development of logging or access roads. Federal wilderness designation would make Rock Creek off limits to foresters and new construction projects. But some argue that Wyoming would be deprived of its right of self-determination and oppose protection efforts.
Is it possible to have “enough” wilderness? At what point should states’ right be trumped in favor of a Federal mandate? Watch the video and share your comments.

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