Sensory learning

As we study the environment in the classroom and on paper, we memorize, conceptualize topics without ever touching our field. The tangible classroom, where biologists teach, and students remain bright eyed and bushy tailed is captured here. The magic in weaving topics covered in two dimensions with the three-dimensional environment lies behind the eyes of these beholders. Moments of joy, and curiosity, and complete submergence in a natural world that holds so much mystery. To learn something new every day, to leave with more questions than answers, to feel the jolt of electricity as our topics become less of a faraway lesson in a textbook to sensory and physical tokens of the information we have been cramming into our brain. The best place to learn about the environment is in the environment, and I am grateful for the seeds Cranberry Lake Biological Station helped me sow, of which I will reap far into my career and adult life. My story is told behind the bright eyes of young biologists, and in that you can find a story only our five senses can truly tell.

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