See the heart of the Amazon in 360 degrees

Take a 360-degree look into the heart of the Amazon. No stethoscopes required. All it takes is a smartphone — and the YouTube app.

Witness the natural beauties of Manaus, Brazil. Sail through the arteries of the rainforest — the Rio Negro. Shop around at a floating market — a backbone for the country’s tourism industry. Go out on a limb at Janauari Ecological Park and check out the giant water lilies that have inspired architecture around the world.

With an open mind and a small green footprint, this 360° video puts the power in your hands. Come explore — see for yourself.

This is moving the planet forward.


Narration by Nolan Hausler

Sources: Science Alert, World Travels, Plants of the World Online, Frontiers in Materials Science and Greenpeace

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