Saving marine life threatened by pollution

Oceanic pollution is a topic near and dear to the heart of many Americans. Thanks to organizations present in the US, more people than ever understand the effect their trash output has on the environment. Surely there are still plenty of lessons to be learned about preventing pollution and helping marine ecosystems, especially from areas that rely on the ocean to survive. Cartagena, Colombia is a city run by water. From fishing to trade to tourism, the waters surrounding Cartagena have provided a way of life dependent on the ecosystems under the surface. Due to the recent influx of tourism and industry, pollution and trash management has become a developing problem in the area. Tierra Bomba, an island off the coast of Cartagena, uses the ocean more than a way to produce an income but to survive. With difficulty in transportation and delivery of resources, much of their means to survive come from the ocean. One foundation on the island, Amigos Del Mar, have set out to preserve their seas from the increasing threat of pollution. To accomplish this, they have set out to educate their community on the problem, as well as volunteering to clean their immediate surrounding by recycling the trash they find. The foundation works to teach the youth of the island recycling skills and environmental consciousness so that they can protect their ecosystem for years to come.

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