Working together to save the world's coral reefs

While coral reefs occupy an small portion of the Earth surface, they are essential for a huge variety of marine wildlife and reap invaluable benefits for humans as well. Home to more than 4,000 fish species and countless other marine wildlife, corals not only provide habitats, but are also critical to fishing industries that local communities around the world depend on. However, the survival of these biodiverse ecosystems is being threatened by the rising global temperatures. A phenomenon known as “coral bleaching” is leading to the death of the world’s coral population at alarming rates.

Both local groups and governments alike are starting to recognize this pressing issue. Some groups are attempting to grow coral in offsite nurseries in hopes of replanting and salvaging coral populations and some governments are also recognizing the gravity of this situation and passing protective legislation.

But to protect the world's reefs, action needs to be taken by everyone. The world needs to collectively work limit carbon footprints and work to reduce the impact humans are having on the Earth — this is how we will save the coral and this is how we will save our world.

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