Riding bicycles on elevated highways!!

Bicyclists need own separate elevated highways of their own crisscrossing towns and cities as well as out in the open linking to other metropolitan centers. If there is a mountain range ahead, bore a level tunnel right through it, which is not so hard considering the small bore heights maybe 8 foot or so. The idea is to allow bicyclists to focus on pedaling without any distraction from passing cars, stop signs, pedestrains.. The pavement has to be much smoother and less frictional than what we got on our common pavements, which is really designed for automobile tires. It will eliminate most of the upshifting and downshifting as you approach intersections, pedestrains, slopes, etc.. Elevated bicycle highways must be level to allow maximum upshift most of the way. Elevated highways should be covered with clear acrylic to shield bicyclists from the elements like weather, air pollution, etc. This can be the greatest public work project for this century. It is not going to be that expensive!! It can be a big boon to our bicycle industry as more people would become more excited about using the very practical idea of elevated highways! I wish I can draw what elevated highways for bicyclists can look like, but I know that there will be many variations to suit the various geographic areas around America.

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