Renewables: Boom or Bust?

This is a full panel recording from the GW Moving the Planet Forward Conference. See highlights from this panel here.

Moderator: Andrew Revkin, Blogger, The New York Times
Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn (Ret.), President, American Council on Renewable Energy
Robert Hefner, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, The GHK Companies
Reed Hundt, Chief Executive Officer, Coalition for Green Capital
Ron Smith, Co-Founder and President, Verdant Power

The New York Times’ Andy Revkin moderated the last panel discussion of the day, “Renewables: Boom or Bust?” The panelists discussed natural gas and renewable power sources, including water, wind, and solar energy. Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn (Ret.), President of the American Council on Renewable Energy, called natural gas “a blessing,” as it is cleaner to produce than coal and has a “firming capability” for when wind is not blowing or the sun is not shining as brightly. The panel came to the conclusion that, ultimately, there must be a synergy between natural gas and renewables in order to diversify our energy portfolio.

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