Reflections from an expedition: Jennifer Cuyuch

A girl with long black hair, wearing a bright orange life jacket takes a photograph with an SLR camera. Behind her are light grey waters, a rocky coastline, and a stand of evergreens.

Jennifer Cuyuch takes a photo while aboard a zodiac boat in Alaska on the 2022 Storyfest trip with Lindbald Expeditions. (Delaney Graham/SUNY-ESF)

[Editor's note: We asked each of our 2022 Storyfest travelers to share their thoughts about the experience aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion for a week with Lindblad Expeditions.]

My week on the ship truly was a life-changing experience. From arrival, every engagement left me with questions both about Alaska and the individuals I met. The ship's naturalists were not only experts in their respective fields, but they showed passion and, in turn, created an exciting environment to be learning about rocks, sea otters, and ice. Finally, the interest went both ways, as both the crew and passengers were really interested in the Planet Forward team and our Storyfest entries. 

Another highlight of the trip was the experiences Lindblad scheduled for the passengers. We were able to pack crusading by the glaciers, kayaking, and hiking into one day — and that was only on day two! My favorite excursion was biking in Lutak. I would never have imagined saying I biked 9 miles watching the snowy mountains and the vast oceans in Alaska, but now I can!


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